The professional air sanitizer

for large environmentsz

Get back to running your business,
while the sanitizer takes care
of your work environment

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The high-tech solution for 100% purified air


Con dently use the Breeze, even in the presence people, because it safely sanitizes without the release of ozone or use of chemicals

Low energy consumption

Sanitize your space for less energy than a light bulb uses (Breeze’s Consumption: 40-60 W)

Easy Maintenance

Replace the filter and UV-C lamps easily; no technical skills are required

High capacity

Rest assured, knowing that each Breeze is designed to protect an area of up to 140m2


Set the Breeze to automatically start sanitizing before you arrive, using a delayed timer for 2 / 8 / 12 hours

The Breeze secures
your environment

Maximum sanitation guaranteed

Tecnal s.r.l. conducted laboratory tests to con rm the e cacy of the Breeze in inactivating bacteria and viruses. Their test involved nebulizing microorganisms into the sanitizer for 20 minutes.

See the laboratory tests

Research and Innovation behind the IUVAPSTM Technology

The Breeze uses a patented technology which combines a HEPA filter to block air pollutants, with a UV-C lamp on either side of the filter to kill residual pathogens.

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Status light inspired by the principles of chromotherapy
Designed and produced in Italy
Durable metal body
Wheels allow easy repositioning of the Breeze

Designed to be Effective

in Large Environments

280 m2


Using two sanitizers, it’s possible to protect very large areas. This setup is ideal for common areas with high volumes of people.

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140 m2


One machine provides ideal coverage for open spaces with adjoining rooms, such as food court.

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80 m2


The Breeze is also perfect for
sanitizing smaller areas, even
with internal subdivisions.

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Adjustable fan with 3 speeds, including a night mode, with low light intensity


Timer for delayed start after 2 / 8 / 12 hours

The programmable timer and settings allow the Breeze to adapt to your needs


Set the fan to the maximum speed for faster sanitization. Or select the night mode with low noise and light intensity to maintain safety in an already-sanitized space, with even less energy.

If you don’t want to leave it on overnight, a timer allows you to delay the start up to 12 hours.

Coverage and sanitization time


2h 4h 8h


105m3 210m3 425m3


35m2 70m2 140m2

Technical specifications


Up to 140 m2

Power supply

Mono-ph 115-230 Vac 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

40 – 60 W

Noise level

40 – 55 db


34x34x53 h


16 kg

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    Thirty Years of History.
    Always by Your Side. The Breeze

    The Breeze is designed and produced by Orotig S.p.A., a leader company in the laser technology industry since 1992.

    IUVAPSTM, our unique patented technology, is successfully integrated into our products. This advanced technology is highly-regarded for its extremely e ective sanitization capabilities.